We are able to execute any stage of the project to ensure "Turn Key" accountability and peace of mind for our valued clients. With 11 Industrial’s cooperation you will have a partner that can go beyond the installation phase to keep your system operating at optimal levels.

As the uniqe company in the relocation & commissioning sector, 11 Industrial is able to offer alternative operating models to its clients.

According to its client’s requirements; 11 Industrial is able to find out the optimal «used» plant&facility, execute the sales process, complete the relocation, installation and activation of the plant.

Through its experience in the sector, 11 Industrial has a wide portfolio which contains an used Natural Gas Fired systems&related products with about 1 GW established power. Those plants are able to relocate in short time period with existing project design.


After commissioning process completed, 11 Industrial is able to operate the plant itself as depending to contractual terms .

Possible contractual models are;
  • To limitate the task just with relocation and start-up process
    Call ID : DRR
  • Full EPC type of contract
    Call ID: EPC
  • To modify and expand the original project (i.e heating the glasshouse )
    Call ID: MOP
  • PPA type of contract with agreed time period.
    Call ID: PPA