11 Industrial Engineering and Logistics Services Inc. has been established as an Engineering Company to provide Relocation & Operation & Maintenance services for Power Plants with turnkey operations models.


11Industry renders a wide range of services; relocation of any kind of power plants & facilities, commissioning & operation of the whole plant and to design a project from “0” point and improve it to achieve the expected result.

The team of 11Industry consists of professionals who are experienced and specialized on disassembly of a plant, proper marking of all the parts, their dispatch to new jobsite, and commissioning of the plant by re-assembling of all the parts here.

11Industry acts principally as a solution maker that can meet all needs of the customers within the work to be performed.




All engineering services, which are necessary for commissioning & relocation of the plant and machines that are subject to project, are framed by engineers of 11Industry and submitted for approval of the customer.


Plans are prepared by the team of 11Industry so that plant and machines that are subject to the project can be transferred to point, in which relocation of the plant and machines shall be performed, most properly, reliably and effectively.

Mechanics and Electricity

All electrical and mechanical disassembly/assembly works of the plant and machines, which are subject to project whose engineering works were approved, are performed by expert field teams of 11Industry.

Process Managment

Processes of disassembly – transport – permissions – assembly – commissioning are dispatched and managed by the Company 11Industry so that the process is not interrupted and problems that may arise from 3rd parties do not occur.


The Company 11Industry can also render consultancy service apart from the works that were performed so that they can determine needs of the customers and their strategies correctly in potential projects.